Curtis (cjkline83) wrote in it_contractors,

I find myself faced with a very unique problem.

I need to upgrade about 30 client computers at a doctor's office to a new version of their antivirus software. I need to uninstall the existing software, and install the new software with the new 30-seat license code.

I'm looking for a rather painless way to do this, as I figure at best, 15 minutes per seat if I had to walk to each one of them and sit in front, reboot, install, reboot again, and update.

Is there any type of Remote Installation program? I'm not talking about PCAnywhere or VNC... I need something that can initiate these installs centrally. I've dug and dug for information on Windows Installer Service (RIS), but, yeah... I'm coming up with jack squat.

Really looking for a helping hand from my sys-admin buddies out there.

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