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Hello, I just joined this community in-part because I'm interested to see what I can learn and contribute to the community, but also because I've got a major dilemma and I'd like some input from people in the field.

I'm currently finishing a master's degree in New Media and I've been offered a job to teach English in Japan for 1-3 years on a government program. I'm interested in this job, but my family is telling me that going to Japan to teach would probably ruin my chances of getting a job when I get back.

Their claim, and one I'm not sure if I can trust, is that if I don't start in with a career-track job right away, I'll be lost in the shuffle, be less appealing to employers and whatnot.

I tend to think that while I'm in Japan, I'd be able to improve my familiarity with programs and code that I'm pretty shaky on. I don't really have much out-of-classroom experience, so I don't see myself being a hot item right out of the gates anyway.

I'm not looking for someone to make my decision for me, but I'd like to have a more authoritative voice with input into if this would "destroy" my job prospects or not.

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